"Have maximum energy and a body that won’t let you down"

Go from sick or in pain and feeling hopeless to feeling healthy and pain free with energy and a renewed vitality for life.

Unique Diagnosis

Everyone needs a unique diagnosis to identify and understand their specific needs. Do you feel frustrated that doctors try to fit your issues into a specific diagnosis and treatment. When they realize that you don’t match their case studies, they loose interest in understanding you.

Custom Treatment is Effective

Treatment is only effective when the practitioner has the knowledge to obtain a unique diagnosis and understand what the body needs. Then a custom treatment can be created to satisfy that need. Many clients feel frustrated by doctors that listen to a list of my symptoms and prescribe the usual drugs or treatment for that boiler-plate diagnosis.

Relieve Suffering

Relieve suffering that is holding you back. Many suffer medical illness for years and nothing seems to help. Don’t settle for feeling uncomfortable and miserable. I have found that for some regular bodywork is necessary to maintain top health and protect from injury or re-occurrence of symptoms. 

From Byron