Byron Jacobson

Byron Jacobson

When I was about 24 years old I started having intense upper back & neck pain and problems breathing I went to see my MD and found out I had Asthma and they recommended inhalers. I wanted relief from the discomfort caused by this disease.


I went through the usual testing for allergies to trees, molds, grasses, etc. I had a lot of them, which is great but this did little for the back and neck pain and I still felt tired, abdominal pain, coughing and lethargy and just plain unable to focus. I was disappointed in what the medical establishment was able to offer me.

I happened to go to a demonstration of a form of “bodywork” and I volunteered to have it performed on me. Well I was surprised that it helped my back and neck pain, so much that I decided to take the class and learn how to do it myself. That was in 1979 and this set me off in a Quest to understand my own health. I learned many different types of bodywork that were very helpful for the pain but it was never enough. Kinesiology is a very effective form of bodywork used to test muscle function and can be used to test for reactions to foods and other substances. Asthma, like a lot of different diseases, is an inflammatory process and muscle testing could help me identify what foods were causing my problems and contributing to my breathing/digestive/cognitive problems. Now I had a tool to restore function naturally and without pain. This really helped me a lot, so that I could avoid what was making my problems worse.

It was several years later that I was exposed to Nutritional Therapy. Here was a way to test the bodies own reflexes; to not only know what to avoid but to ascertain what the body wanted to heal and function better. So the body can repair the damage and stop the inflammatory response to all of these natural substances. It was also important to learn how to eat a healthy natural diet of real food that supports my health. These tools allow me to maintain my optimum body performance and well being.

I have almost completely eliminated all of my allergic reactions to airborne allergens and to foods. It is not magic, I had to do my part and stay with it; I can’t tell you how much better my health is now. I think I’m in the best health of my life, and would like you to be too!